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Mohegan High School – Chesterfield, MI

Scenario:  The staff at this public alternative high school in suburban Detroit were looking for ways to improve their own well-being — as individuals and as the team supporting the students.

Strategy:  Using the  Well-Being Wheel as a framework, the staff engaged  all three stages of the Moore Well-Being Process (the Needs Assessment, Appreciative Inquiry and Implementation /Experimentation). They devised a strategy to allocate one staff meeting a month to their own well-being; and members have paired up to co-lead these meetings over the course of a year.

Results: Staff members committed to their own well-being and articulated a clear path forward.  Administrators prioritized and supported this work. This new way of engaging has surprised staff by allowing them to learn how much fun their colleagues are which, in turn, has fostered a new sense of appreciation.

GKB Head Start – Auburn, IN

Scenario:   With five sites across three towns in rural Indiana, GKB Head Start was looking to support staff well-being in a sustainable way at the personal and organizational levels.

Strategy: The  entire Moore Well-Being Process helped the staff assess their needs, define their personal and community goals, and work with Dr. Jenn to implement a variety of effective and engaging well-being practices and activities.  

Results: After discovering how valuable it was to support well-being  among staff, GKB Head Start has decided to continue their work with Dr. Jenn.  They are excited to see the positive impact of their new practices on their organizational culture. Their work on  interpersonal communication has helped them develop  healthier relationships.

Prairie Academy – Chicago, IL

Scenario:  As a startup private Islamic school, the Prairie community needed a framework to define and deliver support for the whole child.

Strategy: To adopt and customize the Moore Well-Being Wheel and use the framework for their student progress reports. Twice a year, teachers articulate student growth in these well-being areas: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and service.  The wheel is customized — removing financial well-being and changing environmental well-being to 'service.'  Professional development was provided to support teachers in fostering student growth in all well-being areas.

Results: The Moore Well-Being Wheel, a flexible framework, was modified to fit the specific needs of the school community. It was used as an assessment framework for student well-being. It was also used to guide curriculum content and pedagogy.

Positive Tomorrows – Oklahoma City, OK

Scenario:  As a private elementary school serving homeless children, Positive Tomorrows wanted to ensure that their current well-being process would support them as they grew and moved into a larger facility.

Strategy: Following the Needs Assessment process, Dr. Jenn worked with staff to evaluate their strategies; and to articulate and confirm their commitment to staff autonomy, belonging and competence.

Results: The Moore Well-Being process proved an effective means to validate and strengthen the school community's resolve for maintaining well-being strategies for staff and students.

Moore Well-Being Case Study

The Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Head Start Program began in 1966 as a summer program for approximately 17 children in the Garrett school district. Now there are 200 children in the program which feeds into three different school districts in DeKalb County, Indiana.

Find out how Garret-Keyser-Butler Head Start worked with Dr. Jenn Moore to elevate well-being throughout their school community.

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