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How to Start Restorative Communication in Trauma-Informed Schools

How to Start Restorative Communication is a 6-module online course that will teach you the step-by-step framework for having more effective, productive, and healthier conversations with your administrators, colleagues, students, and parents — so you can get your needs met, build better relationships and partnerships, and enjoy your work more.

How to Start Restorative Communication will deepen your understanding of the four key elements of healthy, effective communication —  as well as habits that you may be using (either consciously or unconsciously) to block healthy communication of your own.

The Four Key Elements Include:

  • Focusing on observations instead of judgments
  • Articulating your feelings when you’re speaking and picking up on others’ feelings when you’re listening
  • Valuing and expressing your own needs while listening for others’ embedded needs as well
  • Making requests instead of demands

Armed with this newfound knowledge, you’ll be able to better navigate conflict, set strong boundaries, connect and empathize more deeply with your colleagues, and simply become a more effective and happier teacher.

Sound like the kind of teacher you want to be?

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Talking is fine. Communicating is way better.

Communication among family members can be so challenging! Finding ways for your home be an enjoyable place for everyone can be especially difficult during this pandemic. People’s tempers are shorter and frustration runs high. Learning to say how you feel and recognizing how other people feel is a valuable way to reduce stress and strengthen relationships.

The tools that you learn through this class can help you communicate calmly and clearly. You’ll discover resources and methods to help resolve situations that may arise between child and parent, parent and parent and child and child.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Shift from making judgements (She’s a jerk) to observations (I see she’s taking my pencils)
  • Clearly state how you’re feeling about a situation (I feel frustrated because I’ve told her to stop several times)
  • Clearly state when you need to feel better (I need respect)
  • Clearly make a request of the other person (I’d like her to put my pencils down)

You’ll also learn how to de-escalate a conflict between two people by:

  • Making an observation (I see you running after your brother)
  • Inquiring about how the person is feeling (Are you feeling really angry?)
  • Inquiring about what the other person needs (Do you need peace right now?)

The class consists of:

  • 8 live one-hour Zoom classes for all of the members of your family (appropriate for ages 7 and up)
  • Activities to do between classes 
  • 2 coaching sessions from Dr. Jenn to troubleshoot and problem solve challenging situations during the 8 weeks of the course
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Well-Being Just for

Take the Well-Being Quiz!


Includes 4 LIVE sessions, 4 self-study weeks, access to the live recordings, downloadable workbook and resource guide, and special rates for optional private coaching.

Well-Being Just for Teachers is a new hybrid class (a mix of live and self-paced) that recognizes the unique challenges of educators in their self-care and well-being practices.

This class explores the seven areas of well-being, and will focus on the most critical for the health and well-being of the participants, allowing for a truly personalized learning experience.

Dr. Jenn's compassionate, motivational style will open your eyes to new, creative opportunities for well-being and will help you uncover the inner- power you have for change. The tools and resources that you receive through this class are relevant, effective and enduring — geared to support you through lasting change!

This hybrid class incorporates both LIVE and self-study weeks:

  • Week #1 - Live class with Dr. Jenn Moore includes overview of Well-Being Just for Teachers and assessment of attendee's needs.
  • Week #2 - Live class with Dr. Jenn explores the priority segments of the Moore Well-Being Wheel as identified by the participants.
  • Weeks #3 & 4 - Participants work on self-paced exercises and resources provided by Dr. Jenn.
  • Week #5 - Live class with Dr. Jenn includes a review from previous two weeks and explores the participants' remaining priority segments of well-being.
  • Week #6 & 7 - Participants work on self-paced exercises and resources provided by Dr. Jenn.
  • Week #8 - Live class with Dr. Jenn reviews previous two weeks and recaps the participants experiences, strategies and supports.

Following the eight week class, participants are offered private coaching sessions with Dr. Jenn at a reduced rate.

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In this course, we discuss how to use our strengths of empathy, kindness and love to broaden our understanding of, and appreciation for, the challenges and joys that People of Color experience. Additionally, we discuss strategies, behaviors and attitudes we can use to disrupt racism in everyday life.

For this course, you receive a weekly plan that identifies the various content that you choose to learn from each week - easily accessible articles, videos, movies, TV shows, IG posts, podcasts, children’s books and specific new actions. During each two-hour class, the first hour is spent in a Talking Circle, giving participants the space to process what they learned from the weekly content. The second hour is spent in open discussion, with participants answering the question “So what? Now what are we going to do with our deepened understanding of race? How do we check ourselves and consciously change our everyday behaviors?”

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"(Jenn's class on racism) has opened the door for many emotions both personally and professionally.  This has permitted me to think deeply about my own biases and grow as an ally for equity in education.  As a leader, my goal is to empower teachers, children and families, to examine their thoughts and feelings about how children learn and how we together can create a better world for all.  This course is a step in the right direction for our community."
-- J. Hubbard
Family & Education Services Manager
GKBCommunity Head Start & Early Head Start 

Dr. Jenn Moore has presented at:

July 2021 / Innovative Schools Summit, Las Vegas
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Recovering from the Last 16 Months
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October 2019 / International Confederation of Principals Convention China

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August 2019 / NYC Clute Institute
Supporting the Mind, Heart, Soul and Body of Staff and Students 

July 2019 / National Association of Secondary Schools Principals Conference
Moving from Surviving to Thriving: A Tool to Plan for Schoolwide Well-Being 

July 2019 / Belfast International Learning Conference
A Surprisingly Useful Tool for School Improvement Planning: Using Well-Being as a Framework for School Growth and Development 

June 2019 / Phi Delta Kappan Educators Rising Conference
Really Educating the Whole Child:  Using the Well-Being Wheel as a Framework for Schooling 

June 2019 / EDXEDNYC
Helping Teachers Flourish So Students Can Flourish: Well-Being in Schools  

May 2019 / 9th International Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning
KeynoteMoving from Surviving to Thriving:  Planning for Schoolwide Well-Being 

April 2019 / California League of Schools Conference
The Well-Being Wheel: An Innovative Tool for Focusing Your School 

April 2019 / Clute International Conference on Education Denver
Awakening Whole School Flourishing: Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body 

March 2019 / Illinois Education Association
How You Can Help School Be About More Than Standardized Tests (at least in your own classroom bubble) 

March 2019 / Innovative Schools Conference Orlando
Awakening Whole School Flourishing: Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body

March 2019 / Indiana Early Childhood Conference
Beyond School Readiness: Shifting Education to Focus on the Well-Being of All 

January 2019 / EduCon Philadelphia
How can we help teachers and students flourish?  Moving Beyond Just Academics 

February 2018 / Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts
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March 2018 / 13th Annual Education and Development Conference Thailand
The Wellness Wheel in Action: A Tool to Help Schools Flourish 

June 2018 / EDXEDNYC
The Well-Being Wheel: A Tool to Help Schools Flourish 

August 2018 / International Leadership Association Conference Peru 
Shifting Education to Focus on the Well-Being of All 

August 2018 / Southland Learning Conference Illinois
The Well-Being Wheel:  An Innovative Tool for School Improvement Planning 

October 2018 / Illinois Reading Council
Administrators: Helping Teachers Manage Student Behaviors 

December 2018 / Literacy Association of Tennessee
Help Your Teachers to Teach More and Argue Less!   

In my extensive experience in facilitating Talking Circles, I have witnessed many “a-ha” moments, personal connections, relief, understanding, compassion and courage.  I encourage you now to be bold and engage with other educators in discussing this important issue that shapes and defines our students, staff, schools and society.
~ Dr. Jennifer Moore

“I really, really enjoyed the talking circle time. It really helped to get to know each other more, but also there was such a great opportunity to share on such a deep level. It was good to be open and vulnerable with people I might not have been or have a chance to be with.”

- Sheena, In-kind Specialist
GKB Community Head Start and Early Head Start

"I thoroughly enjoyed the talking circles.  I wish more people would have participated.  I got so much from them."

- Jami, Family & Education Services Manager
GKB Community Head Start and Early Head Start