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From Chaos to Calm: Four Steps to Ease Teacher Overwhelm and Restore Your Well-Being

From Chaos to Calm is a 6-module online course that will teach you the step-by-step framework for having more effective, productive, and healthier conversations with your administrators, colleagues, students, and parents — so you can get your needs met, build better relationships and partnerships, and enjoy your work more.

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The Moore Well-Being Program

Sometimes we have the best of intentions when we implement a program. We follow the steps, monitor progress, and maybe even achieve some defined goals. Yet if a program is truly to be effective, it has to impact more than an issue or objective. It has to change us as a person. Only then will we carry forward all we have learned in all that we do. The Moore Well-Being Program affects change from the inside out.

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It's increasingly common for more than one teacher to be in a classroom at a time, with teachers for special education and English as a second language being expected to collaborate. Teachers are often thrown into this collaboration without training and trouble ensues. I can help reduce the challenges by providing co-teachers with training on the models of co-teaching, helping co-teachers identify the model they would like to use, as well as the structures to support future collaboration.

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Faculty & Staff Self-Care

Schools can be difficult places to work. When we add our own personal struggles, things can feel overwhelming. This professional development helps adults become aware of their own emotional triggers and how they can support themselves and one another.

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Communication Training / Workshop

When the communication among the adults in a school community is honest, clear and kind, people thrive. When it is not, people leave, fight or are unhappy. I have found that when people have the skills and support to engage in healthy work communication, school culture can shift dramatically. I design workshops for schools that help people develop the skill set to engage in healthy communication in the school setting. I can customize workshops for teachers, administrators and caregivers/parents.

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DiSC is a questionnaire for school staff to help them better understand how they behave at work and how they respond to conflict. The results are then printed, generating an individual profile for each  person, providing them with significant insight into how they can best work with others in school. I provide workshops to help staff use all of this rich information to develop a healthy, collaborative staff culture.

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5 Behaviors for a Cohesive Team

To help grade level teams or departments work well together, it’s crucial that members have a better understanding of themselves in relation to others. This program begins with DiSC questionnaire followed by thoughtful, rich professional development to help them build Trust, Healthy Conflict Management, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. This work is tailored to the complex context of schooling.

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Customized to Your Needs

All of the workshops can be customized to fit the needs of your school. These trainings can be done as 1-on-1 coaching, small group or whole staff sessions.  If you would like a topic that's not listed here, reach out to Jenn. Call her to find out how to tailor professional development to fit your budget!

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"It is no longer a question of IF we need to support the well-being of adults in our schools, it is a question of WHEN."

Look at the evidence supporting the need for greater well-being among school staff

  • According to the American Psychology Association 2014 report, money and work are the two biggest stressors for adults and for 65% of teens, financial concerns for their families is a significant source of stress.
  • A 2016 study found that teacher job satisfaction is significantly impacted by salary.
  • According to a study published in Emotion (2010), mindfulness and meditation practices help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety and improve emotional regulation.
  • Teens and adults who exercise more than once a week experience lower stress than peers who exercise less, according to the American Psychology Association 2014 Report, Stress in America.
  • 65% of adults who receive support from a mental health professional find that it was extremely or very effective, according to the American Psychology Association 2014 Report, Stress in America.
  • A 2017 report in the Journal of Sustainability Education summarized teachers' experiences implementing an environmental learning program by saying: "(It) had several important impacts on students, including stronger engagement in learning, enhanced collaboration, and heightened significance for the concepts learned." Teachers also benefitted from the program including: "...professional growth, sense of fulfillment and an expanded repertoire of teaching approaches."
  • The American Psychological Association is one organization who recognizes that spending time in green spaces improves clarity, focus, performance and retention of information.

Look what people are saying about Dr. Jenn Moore and her well-being services!

Jenn was more than just my principal, but a coach, thought partner and leader. She encouraged me to take risks as an educator, guiding me in the pursuit of making the content accessible for all students. She allowed me to shape my own professional development to address what I knew I needed to be a stronger instructor. Most of all, she trusted my expertise while pushing me to find new methods to increase my efficacy as a teacher, as a learner and as a leader. She knows that until children are fed, rested and assured of their own emotional and intellectual security in our building that true learning can't happen. Her devotion to educating the whole child made her an invaluable asset to our school's culture and community.

Molly, colleague

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