School can mean more than just academics. It can mean Moore Well-Being.

Academic performance is impacted by all of the spokes on life's wheel such as social, emotional and physical well-being. Our programs help you measure your school's well-being and gain balance.

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Moore Well-Being Case Study

The Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Head Start Program began in 1966 as a summer program for approximately 17 children in the Garrett school district. Now there are 200 children in the program which feeds into three different school districts in DeKalb County, Indiana.

Find out how Garret-Keyser-Butler Head Start worked with Dr. Jenn Moore to elevate well-being throughout their school community.

Jenn Moore Reaches Teachers Overseas for STEM Training

Over 40 teachers in the Fangshan, Beijing District participated in the 4 day science, technology, engineering and mathematics teacher training course.

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A Healthy Measure...

What is the teacher turn-over rate in your school?

What is the staff/student attendance rate?

Do you look forward to going into the classroom each day?

Do you feel there are supporting tools and programs in place to help you with your performance and that of the students?

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Evidence-Based Research and Tools

Discover some of the curriculum, professional development & training, assessments and policies & practices that went into the development of the seven dimensions of the Moore Well-Being program.

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