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"I consider Jenn Moore my professional mentor. She has taught me more about education and supporting the learning of both adults and children than anyone. Working with Jenn is inspiring. She feeds my thinking and helps me consider all that is possible. She makes incredible things happen. From supporting school leaders to coaching teachers, her approach is refreshing, informative, and inspiring. Jenn's positive, collaborative approach is informed by a deep knowledge of content and rooted in systems thinking."



"Ms. Moore was my principal at AGC for a few years and she was awesome at it!  She was kind and open-minded, but when our class was having trouble, Ms. Moore would come in our classroom and talk to us about how we can fix the problem and our actions.  Ms. Moore and I had a strong bond because me and my mom would help out the school and Ms. Moore to make it better. I remember when me, Ms. Moore, my mom and other kids went to the Chef’s Playground where a lot of chefs make a little snack so we could taste it and Ms. Moore guided me and helped me meet new people. I would never forget that memory.



"I had the pleasure of working with Jenn at the Academy for Global Citizenship. In her role as the principal of AGC, the staff and students were always a priority for Jenn. She was always professional in her demeanor and accepted any challenge no matter how difficult. Jenn would always put aside her own work to help out wherever needed and was never too busy to answer questions or simply lend an ear. Whenever I had a problem or concern, Jenn was always able to help. She truly loved working with everyone, especially the students. She is a true professional who had a very positive impact on the lives of everyone she worked with."



"Jenn Moore was a great resource and support at my son's school by being a big proponent of educating the whole child. Dr. Moore had dialogues with children about wellness and conveyed the importance of sleep, rest and a healthy diet to families. She was a role model for democracy, fairness and inclusion as she worked to make all families feel heard and respected. As an educator, Dr. Moore was truly an expert in her craft, keeping up with cutting-edge practices in teaching and learning and education policy."



"Jenn was more than just my principal, but a coach, thought partner and leader. She encouraged me to take risks as an educator, guiding me in the pursuit of making the content accessible for all students and helped me shape my professional development to address what I knew I needed to be a stronger instructor. Most of all, she trusted my expertise while pushing me to find new methods to increase my efficacy as a teacher, as a learner and as a leader. She knows that until children are fed, rested and assured of their own emotional and intellectual security in our building that true learning can't happen. Her devotion to educating the whole child made her an invaluable asset to our school's culture and community."



"Jennifer Moore was the principal at my daughters’ school. She was very warm and welcoming toward parents and children. Everyone felt comfortable coming to her for advice or problems they had or just a chat. She always addressed whatever situation was promptly and accurately. Most times she conducted peace circles to get everyone involved talking about their feelings. Children often were give the chance to reflect on their behavior and then calmly talk it out. In all the years we have been at the school I myself have never seen a fight between two children. Very peaceful environment. Everyone's voices were always heard by Jennifer."



"I had the pleasure of working with Jenn for over three years. When I first started teaching at our school she was my coach. The following year she transitioned into the principal role. In both of these roles, Jenn proved to be a thoughtful and intentional leader and colleague. She pushed my practice through poignant questioning and a true care for the wellbeing of all those she worked with and worked for. Jenn is well versed and experienced in both time-honored instructional techniques as well and alternative and progressive approaches to teaching and learning. Her care and attention to the wellness of her staff, students, and community will have a lasting impact on many."



"I have had the privilege of working with Jenn Moore as my principal. She is wholeheartedly focused on the needs of children and the people who serve them. Her ability to work towards solutions is progressive and child centered. I was a better teacher with her support."



"Jenn Moore is one of the most innovative educators that I've ever known. She's not only aware of the recent trends in education, she also has a way of blending them together to meet the individual needs of her students and families, in away that causes her to listen to the heartbeat of the community."



Dr. Jenn Moore.
Trusted, respected and praised by colleagues, clients, parents and students.


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