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When I was a classroom teacher, I received funding to purchase red physio balls to replace students' chairs. I thought it would help my fidgety fourth graders do some self-regulation and improve their focus. The idea didn't really go as planned...turns out that a roomful of squeaking balls can be even more distracting than fidgeting students!

But that was just one of my many experiments in helping to make school a place where everyone was excited to attend. And as time passed and I became a principal, I realized that my unique approach to working with schools was embodied in those red physio balls — they were a symbol that school was a safe space to experiment, learn and grow.

Over the course of my career, our students’ confidence in speaking up and trying new things was magnified by the freedom teachers felt to try out new ideas, too. The ripples of this freedom, helped by a democratic education ideal, extended beyond our school into the children’s families and communities.

I have found that by focusing on the well-being of children and adults in a school community, the conversation about how we do “schooling” changes dramatically — for the better. People start talking about their hopes and dreams for their children, and how their schools can support the realization of these goals. I’ve found that each school creates their own vision for how they want their students to thrive and I love helping schools to implement their visions.

I’ve worked as a teacher, coach, workshop leader, school consultant, director of curriculum, assistant principal and principal — and what I have learned, beyond the value of freedom and risk taking, is that the well-being of each child and adult is paramount to the well-being of the whole school and of the whole community... because in order for children to thrive, the adults need to be thriving as well.

That's what I strive for. That's what these programs are all about. And while I can't promise there won't be any squeaking red physio balls, I can tell you there will be more well-being.

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Doctorate of Education in Organization Change; Pepperdine University; Malibu, CA; 2011
Master of Education in Educational Leadership; DePaul University; Chicago, IL; 2003
Master of Education in Urban Education Reform; Lesley College; Cambridge, MA; 1995
Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education & Family Studies; Hampshire College; Amherst, MA; 1993


National Board Teacher Certification—Master Teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy
Type 75 Illinois General Administrative Certificate
Type 03 Illinois Self-Contained General Education K-3


Adjunct Professor: Prepare teachers and school administrators to understand the importance of wellness in education. Work with schools in the U.S. and in China to further their professional development.
Principal: Ushered charter school from startup to “adolescence,” incorporating teacher development and democratic structures to model justice and relationship-building to a student body of future leaders.
Director of Teaching and Learning, Second Grade Hybrid Teacher, Fourth Grade Teacher, and Fifth Grade Teacher: With classroom as lab, co-created and refined curriculum, established professional development models for teachers, and invited collective future thinking through appreciative inquiry while nurturing existing learning environment.
Design Thinking Program Consultant: Recruited after founders visited my classroom and witnessed design thinking in action. Traveled to HQ in Bogota, Colombia. Helped structure after-school program that fostered design thinking and problem-solving.
Social-Emotional Consultant: Incorporated developmental awareness into organizational design and discipline. In parallel, advised on professional development and served as teacher coach, including National Board Teacher Certification preparation.
Adjunct Instructor: Shared graduate-level teaching methods in different elementary schools and in the graduate classroom. Helped 10+ schools achieve organizational and professional development goals.
Ninth Grade Summer School Teacher: Worked with incoming high school students on literacy. Prepared them tactically (with reading strategies) and emotionally for entry into high school. Collaborated with at-risk counselor to administer assessments and make remediation recommendations.
Assistant Principal, Literacy Coordinator, and Apprentice Principal: Conceived and served apprenticeship, completing rigorous National Board Certification in literacy that has informed curriculum and teacher development through subsequent teaching and teacher coaching career. Recruited to another school in support of remediating student performance.
Third Grade Teacher and Second Grade Teacher: Worked under skilled principal and co-teachers, developing novel and effective classroom management curriculum adopted school-wide. Brought tools to a new school in service of their commitment of the whole child in a 100% poverty community.
Science Materials Center Director: Took interim role to create science materials resource center for Orange County public and private schools, drawing on experience of setting up the same system in Cambridge, MA. Worked within budget constraints to design training and kits that would be checked out like library materials.
First Grade Teacher: Recruited to Cali, Colombia where there was a dearth of teachers due to civil war. Taught English to 27 students in bilingual school. Used inquiry instruction to teach English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Science Assessment and Projects Specialist, Project Manager: Contributed to school reform through curriculum initiative of National Science Foundation Teacher Enhancement Project. Initially hired as project manager and to support coaches, became thought partner for teachers in adding rigor to science curriculum.


- Co-leading the appreciative inquiry process focused on well being at Prairie Academy
- Conducted multiple sessions of teacher workshops in Beijing, China on innovation and education
- Providing coaching support for teachers and the head of school at Prairie Academy
- Facilitating a week long workshop on supporting struggling students at St. Patrick High School
- Provided STEAM teacher training for over 100 teachers in Beijing, China
- Presented at The Education and Development Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
- Facilitating workshops in assessment at Alphonsus Academy and Nazareth Academy
- Presented at ESSA 2018, Chicago, Illinois
- Presented at OCTELA 2018, Cleveland, Ohio
- Presented at IEA, Rosemont, Illinois
- Presented at ISCA, Springfield, Illinois
- Presented at EDxNYC 2018

Dr. Jenn Moore has presented at:

July 2022 / Innovative Schools Summit, Las Vegas
From Chaos to Calm: 4 Steps to Ease and Restore Your Well-Being
Helping Staff Use Restorative Language in Trauma-Informed Schools
50 in 50 Panel for Supporting Students Impacted by Trauma

June 2022 / Innovative Schools Summit, Atlanta
From Chaos to Calm: 4 Steps to Ease and Restore Your Well-Being
Teaching the CASEL Framework to Staff and Students Through Games and Activities
Helping Staff Use Restorative Language in Trauma-Informed Schools: Focus on Early Childhood
Using the Well-Being Wheel to Guide School Well-Being

April 2022 / Innovative Schools Summit, New York City
A Guide to School Wellness:  Using the Well-Being Wheel
Helping Staff Use Restorative Language in Trauma-Informed Schools

December 2021/ Innovative Schools Summit, Atlanta
How to Shift Disruptive Student Behavior with Restorative Communication

November 2021 / Innovative Schools Summit, Orlando
Are You Listening? Communication in a Trauma-Informed School

July 2021 / Innovative Schools Summit, Las Vegas
From Chaos to Calm: Moving Towards Restorative Communication in Schools
From Chaos to Calm: Four Steps to Ease Stress and Increase Your Well-Being
Recovering from the Last 16 Months
Could Communication Improve at Your School? Improving School Culture with Healthy Communication

October 2019 / International Confederation of Principals Convention China

Well-Being as the Future Focus of Schooling 

August 2019 / NYC Clute Institute
Supporting the Mind, Heart, Soul and Body of Staff and Students 

July 2019 / National Association of Secondary Schools Principals Conference
Moving from Surviving to Thriving: A Tool to Plan for Schoolwide Well-Being 

July 2019 / Belfast International Learning Conference
A Surprisingly Useful Tool for School Improvement Planning: Using Well-Being as a Framework for School Growth and Development 

June 2019 / Phi Delta Kappan Educators Rising Conference
Really Educating the Whole Child:  Using the Well-Being Wheel as a Framework for Schooling 

June 2019 / EDXEDNYC
Helping Teachers Flourish So Students Can Flourish: Well-Being in Schools  

May 2019 / 9th International Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning
KeynoteMoving from Surviving to Thriving:  Planning for Schoolwide Well-Being 

April 2019 / California League of Schools Conference
The Well-Being Wheel: An Innovative Tool for Focusing Your School 

April 2019 / Clute International Conference on Education Denver
Awakening Whole School Flourishing: Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body 

March 2019 / Illinois Education Association
How You Can Help School Be About More Than Standardized Tests (at least in your own classroom bubble) 

March 2019 / Innovative Schools Conference Orlando
Awakening Whole School Flourishing: Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body

March 2019 / Indiana Early Childhood Conference
Beyond School Readiness: Shifting Education to Focus on the Well-Being of All 

January 2019 / EduCon Philadelphia
How can we help teachers and students flourish?  Moving Beyond Just Academics 

February 2018 / Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts
Help! I’m Drowning in Student Misbehavior! 

March 2018 / 13th Annual Education and Development Conference Thailand
The Wellness Wheel in Action: A Tool to Help Schools Flourish 

June 2018 / EDXEDNYC
The Well-Being Wheel: A Tool to Help Schools Flourish 

August 2018 / International Leadership Association Conference Peru 
Shifting Education to Focus on the Well-Being of All 

August 2018 / Southland Learning Conference Illinois
The Well-Being Wheel:  An Innovative Tool for School Improvement Planning 

October 2018 / Illinois Reading Council
Administrators: Helping Teachers Manage Student Behaviors 

December 2018 / Literacy Association of Tennessee
Help Your Teachers to Teach More and Argue Less!   
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