Conflicts between parent and child are inevitable, but...

Rather than avoiding conflicts, feeling badly about them, or having them lead to an unhealthy relationship, wouldn't you like to have the skills and tools to navigate through conflicts in a respectful, healthy way?

Learn to communicate with your child in ways that promote healthy connection.

Correct and guide your child in ways that are respectful of their autonomy.

Teach your child a language that allows them to stand up for themselves and be heard by others.

Imagine communicating with your child without scolding, nagging or arguing!


How to Start Restorative Communication
with Your Child

How to Start Restorative Communication with Your Child is a 6-module online course designed for parents to learn and apply a four-part communication framework to their own relationships and then model / teach the principles to their child.

  • MODULE 1 — Do You Speak Jackal or Giraffe?
    An intro to Effective Communication
  • MODULE 2 — Effective Communication Starts with Your... Eyes?
    The Importance of Observations Over Judgements
  • MODULE 3 — The Feelings Behind the Words
    The Role Feelings Play in Effective Communication

  • MODULE 4 — Honoring Your Needs and the Needs of Others?
    The Power of Identification and Acknowledgement
  • MODULE 5 — How to Ask for What You Need
    The Art of Making Your Needs Known
  • MODULE 6 — Common Barriers to Communication
    How to Troubleshoot Your Way to Effective Communication

What's included in the course

Self-paced videos

On-screen instructor guides you through 6 modules teaching the 4-part restorative communication framework and the catalysts and barriers to effective communication.

Workbooks, Tools & Transcripts

Six colorful workbooks with engaging exercises, as well as invaluable visual guides to help you identify key aspects of effective communication. Full transcripts are also included.

Continued Support

You can continue your restorative communication journey beyond the 6-module course with private coaching sessions Dr. Jennifer Moore.

Download the Module #1 Workbook

"The Giraffe & The Jackal"

Each module in the "How to Start Restorative Communication with Your Child" online course comes with a colorful, engaging workbook so you can practice the lessons with your child, friends, family, coworkers...

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