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Experience new possibilities as a powerful family unit!

Talking is fine. Communicating is way better.

Communication among family members can be so challenging! Finding ways for your home be an enjoyable place for everyone can be especially difficult during this pandemic. People’s tempers are shorter and frustration runs high. Learning to say how you feel and recognizing how other people feel is a valuable way to reduce stress and strengthen relationships.

The tools that you learn through this class can help you communicate calmly and clearly. You’ll discover resources and methods to help resolve situations that may arise between child and parent, parent and parent and child and child.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Shift from making judgements (She’s a jerk) to observations (I see she’s taking my pencils)
  • Clearly state how you’re feeling about a situation (I feel frustrated because I’ve told her to stop several times)
  • Clearly state when you need to feel better (I need respect)
  • Clearly make a request of the other person (I’d like her to put my pencils down)

You’ll also learn how to de-escalate a conflict between two people by:

  • Making an observation (I see you running after your brother)
  • Inquiring about how the person is feeling (Are you feeling really angry?)
  • Inquiring about what the other person needs (Do you need peace right now?)

The class consists of:

  • 8 live one-hour Zoom classes for all of the members of your family (appropriate for ages 7 and up)
  • Activities to do between classes 
  • 2 coaching sessions from Dr. Jenn to troubleshoot and problem solve challenging situations during the 8 weeks of the course
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Private or Multi-Family Class Options Available

Why choose the private family classes?

While there are many benefits to sharing classes with another family, your family might prefer working with Jenn Moore on a private basis. Private sessions are also recommended for:

  • Families of six or more
  • Families who want more dedicated time / attention
  • Families where some members might be shy about sharing in front of others
Why choose the multi-family classes?

Sharing classes with another family is a great way to open your perspective to diverse styles, and to create a reciprocal support system. Multi-family sessions are also recommended for:

  • Single-parent families
  • Families looking to share the cost of the program
  • Families who work better in a "buddy system" environment

Why enroll in the Family Communication Class?

  • Experience new possibilities as a powerful family unit
  • Learn skills to improve individual and family relationships
  • Develop lasting habits for effective communication
  • Benefit from Dr. Jenn's 25+ years experience working with
    teachers, students and families
  • Only $700 for 8 weekly classes
  • 2 optional coaches sessions included
  • Share the cost with a family of your choosing!
  • Openings available now for your family
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"Thank you so much for helping me and my family increase the peace in our home. We know that how we express ourselves is just as important as what we are expressing. Sometimes our messages were lost because of how we said things.  One of my favorite topics in the class is the Ladder of Influence. My teenage children felt like I was constantly judging them – which was never my intention.  This topic helped me develop my own toolbox of nonjudgmental words to use when communicating with my kids. Now that I am stating what I observe, rather than judging, my kids don’t jump to defend themselves and our family is working as a team. Thank you Dr. Moore!!

- Melissa, Boca Raton, FL

Grow as an individual. Grow together as a family.

Family Coaching considers each individual's needs, wants, and goals and identifies areas that might be minimizing or blocking them from being achieved.  Strategies and skills are then developed that build on each family member's strengths, allowing for more open, respectful and satisfying relationships.

How is family coaching conducted?

Sessions are conducted via video conferencing and are generally 60 minutes. Family members do not need to be in the same location.

What happens in a family coaching session?

While the work done in the coaching sessions builds on each other, each session will generally cover an individual or family goal, perceived obstacles, alternative approaches and exchanges of ideas, questions and concerns.

How many sessions are generally required?

Every family is different, but on average, prepare to commit to 8-10 weeks.

How much does family coaching cost?

Dr. Jenn Moore works with coaching clients on a sliding scale. Details for session rates can be discussed during your free consult.

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How is family coaching different than family counseling?

Family coaching

Coaching begins with a goal-oriented perspective. It focuses on the strengths of each family and builds upon them to bring about positive change. Coaches do not diagnose clients or dig into past feelings or behaviors, but rather, looks at what is happening in the family today and what outcomes the family wants to achieve. With family coaching, it is likely that:

  • behaviors are adjusted more quickly
  • conflicts are resolved with more compassion and non-judgement
  • family members participate more because there is less chance of old wounds and blame being brought in
Family counseling / therapy

Therapy tends to begin with a "what's wrong" approach. It seeks to identify and examine problems and unhealthy aspects of the family's engagement. This approach can sometimes complicate the family dynamics or, if not resolved, can even cause further hurt and conflicts. With family therapy, it is not unusual for:

  • one member to be blamed for the family's problems
  • emotions between family members to intensify before getting better
  • one or more members of the family to quit therapy before any real progress has been made

Hot Topics for Parents & Families

Supporting Your Child’s Executive Function

Dr. Jenn leads parents in identifying the 12 executive function skills in themselves and then in their children. Caregivers learn how to build on their children’s strong EF skills to support the development of their weaker EF skills. Highly participatory and engaging.

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Conversations about Race

Learn guidelines that shape how you have healthy, honest conversations about race with your child. Learn that it’s never too early to start talking about race as well as easily understandable tools you can use!

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Successful Family - Teacher Conferences

Parent - teacher conferences can be rich, exciting opportunities to learn more about your child. Dr. Jenn shares different questions families can ask of their child’s teachers and learn about the different ways their child has grown.

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Ways to Collaborate with My Child’s Teacher

How can caregivers engage collaboratively with their child’s teachers? Learn some strategies about how to work with the teacher to help support your child’s growth. This workshop is full of practical tips that could be implemented tomorrow!

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Literacy Activities for Kids

This workshop provides caregivers with many different strategies that can be used with their children to help them fall in love with reading. Learn about easy games and activities that can be done with children in the car or on the bus. Dr. Jenn shares how learning to read can be a fabulous adventure.

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How to Stop Yelling at My Kids

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs on Earth. No caregiver wants to yell at their children, but they are often so frustrated they don’t know what else to do. By learning some ways to communicate with your child/teen, participants will leave this workshop with several new strategies they can use to create a more peaceful household.

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Caregiver Coaching

Parenting children can be quite challenging. With Dr. Jenn as your coach, you’ll realize that you have a lot more parenting knowledge and strategies than you thought you did. Through one-on-one sessions, Dr. Jenn will guide you through a problem-resolving conversation and provide you with strategies and tools that will help you realize your expertise.

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